We at Sun photonics offer a wide range of services in Solar Energy Space. Our services portfolio varies from residential and commercial grid-tied systems to Megawatt scale Solar Power Plants. We cover all aspects of a project from planning to commissioning and O&M, in other words, we provide Trunkey solutions including complete Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services. We assist customer’s right from the planning stage through the entire operational life of the project. We provide our customers a complete financial return and cash flow analysis of the solar power project including advisory services like land procurement issues, tax benefits, subsidies and regulatory approvals for solar project installation. We also offer CDM and REC related advisory services.

We are specialized in Engineering, Procurement, & Construction of solar photovoltaic power plant.
Rooftops Solar PV Solution
MW Scale Solar Power Plants




We, at Sun Photonics have years of experience in the designing and installation of high-capacity power plants in different parts of the country. Our industrial knowledge and technical experience ensure that energy-efficient and cost-effective solar PV plants are installed for each of our customers.

For our customers who seek to build solar power plants, we provide all kinds of solutions which include the EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) services. Quick turnaround time of our projects ensures that you start fetching immediate returns on your investments. We set high-quality benchmarks and ensure that only high-grade material is utilized for the building of your power projects. Each of our projects is meticulously built. All in all, our solar power plants ensure maximum generation and return on your investments from the first year itself. We have the necessary experience and expertise in commissioning MW scale solar power PV plants.


  • Financial Modeling

    Based on the power generation statistics and fair assumptions, we prepare a financial model that suits our clients’ requirements.

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  • Financial Analysis

    Aided by our experts we provide a thorough cost-benefit analysis to our clients about financial feasibility of and no of years for return on investment on the projects

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  • Banking Services

    We also aid our clients in preparing and submitting banking related documents such as the project reports, EIA reports and others.



  • Civil Design involves all civil works from soil & foundation testing to structure design, pre-fabricated design for inverter & control rooms, engineering foundations, and test reports. We provide all end-to-end solutions to our clients.
  • Electrical Design involves designing the PV Layout, DC/AC wiring, switchgears, and transformers for your plant. We also provide such services as Shadow Analysis & Space Analysis to ensure optimal utilization of space with minimal wastes on the construction site.


  • Project Audit Report: We provide our clients with suitable bi-weekly/monthly reports as per your requirements about project progress and conformance to specified project design and work flow.
  • Performance Ration Testing: We conduct direct and independent assessment of energy generation at the plant location that will ascertain the theoretical quantity of produced power and the estimated production efficiency.
  • Technical due diligence: Our reporting structure also involves escalation reporting in case of non-compliance issues. As our esteemed clients, you will also get a comprehensive project report at the commencement of the project.

Installation and Construction




  • Remote System Monitoring
    We provide our clients with daily/weekly/monthly performance data reports generated by the specifically designed SCADA system.
  • Predictive Maintenance
    Our statistical analysis tools enable us to know the condition of each equipment and hence help us predict when the maintenance should happen, thereby reducing maintenance costs.
  • Preventive Maintenance
    Our highly motivated and dedicated team at the project site ensures timely escalation of all maintenance related issues before they even arise.
  • Periodic Performance Reporting
    We provide our clients with timely reports on overall operations of your plant making it easier for you to manage your plant even while you are away.



  • Construction Phase audit: involves regular monitoring of various contractors involved in the project, ensuring they are working as per the project plan and conforming to all compliance related criteria at the site.
  • Post Construction audit: There are many questions that follow project completion –project compliance with respect to HSE, EIA requirements, EPC Company’s work performance, vendors/contractors work quality etc. We answer these and more such questions for you in post construction audit