We at SUNPHOTONICS are dedicated to rooftop sector. Rooftop solar projects are installed under OPEX and CAPEX Model. Under OPEX, we or our investors invest and install the solar power plant on your location and would supply power to you at a certain price which is fixed by signing Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Under CAPEX Model, We install the solar power plant and you take the asset. This will help to reduce the burden of electricity bill paid by the consumer. Sun photonics also claim the benefit of carbon footprint reduction and tax saving assessment on owner behalf.

A typical Roof Top PV system contains a set of batteries and inverter along with the modules of Solar PV cells. The overall efficiency of the system will also depend on the type of battery and inverter used in the system. It is important to choose the right components for most effective use of Solar PV systems.

ongrid On Grid System:- In grid connected rooftop Solar Photovoltaic System (SPV), the DC power generated from SPV panel is converted to AC power using power conditioning unit and is fed to the grid either of 33 kV/11 kV three phase lines or of 440/220 Volt three/single phase line depending on the capacity of the system installed at institution.

offgrid Off Grid System:- Off-grid systems completely relieve the user from dependency on electrical grids. With an off-grid system, the solar energy system would supply all of the power an Office, a cabin, home or business would need. The off grid system is essential energy source in rural & remote areas of reliable power with low maintenance for long time.