Lenders’ Engineer Services

We also serve lender organizations in finding and funding the right projects.

  • We aid the banks/financial institutions/investors in finding the right opportunities to fund in Solar space
  • Our team of expert consultants perform a wide range of functions, ensuring our clients with maximum generation of returns from the funded projects
  • We offer the complete range of techno-commercial feasibility studies of projects from the start to the finish to our clients’satisfaction

EPC Advisory to Developers

EPC advisory services involves helping our clients in assessment of EPC companies for project development on the basis of set criteria such as financial, technical strength, past experience, customer satisfaction et al.

CDM and REC Advisory Services:

We advise our clients in reducing their overall carbon footprint by exploring the potential markets of Carbon Credits and Renewable Energy Credits. We also help you in trading and transfer of these commodities.

We at Sun Photonics are available at any time to serve you with all the solar services.