Sun Photonics is founded by IIT’s alumni with the objective of providing turnkey solutions in the Solar Energy space. Founded in 2013, Sun photonics is one of the youngest and the fastest growing companies in the domain of Solar Energy in India with more than 15 projects totaling 2.5 MWp.

Photon – the fundamental element of light – is the source of all energy including that of the Sun. We at Sun Photonics specialize in harnessing the power of the Photon, the source of all life on our planet. We specialize in residential, commercial, and public sector turnkey solutions for off-grid and grid-connected solar electric systems. We can install solar power plants on almost any roof type as well as on unused land within your premises. We are specialized in rooftop solar power plants for rooftops system and end-to-end solution provider which are including; Design, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Monitoring and Maintenance services.

We at Sun Photonics are committed to solving the increasing energy problems in India and across the globe by innovating, designing and providing state-of-the-art solutions in Solar Energy space.

We are a group of highly committed and enthusiastic professionals with vast experience across industries in organizations and several startups and non-profit organizations. Our motto of doing business is to follow strict adherence to the highest degrees of Ethics and Excellence which builds a solid foundation for our work, and a long-lasting trust in our clients in doing business with us.


Our Vision, Mission & Core Values, which form the heart of our working philosophy, help us in delivering world-class solutions to our clients with a high degree of innovation and quality.


"To deliver well-researched state-of-the-art solutions in clean energy space centered towards Solar Energy with utmost emphasis on ethics and excellence in conducting business with our clients."


"To build a reputation of excellence in India and outside in devising and providing innovative solutions in Clean Energy space to meet the world's growing energy requirements."


Satish Bhakar (CEO)
Satish is an IIT Delhi alumnus and a dedicated professional in the field of Renewable Energy, particularly in Solar PV System Engineering, Project Management and Execution. He started his career with the solar arm of Videocon Industries Ltd in 2008 and is working in the solar industry since then. He has developed and executed a cumulative capacity of 32 Mega Watts Solar PV Power Projects under the aegis of JNNSM and state policies of Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and Gujarat state. He is a person with extraordinary vision who emphasizes the purpose of the industry as an outcome of supra complicated human inter-relations. His philosophies have always been the source of fundamental inspiration to the company in every direction and have made the company adopt newer ways of finding innovative solutions to complex problems.

Dr. Sujata Bhakar (Director)
Sujata is an Environmental Engineer from IIT Bombay and a Doctorate from TERI with 8 years of experience in diverse areas like Environmental Impact Assessment, Life Cycle Assessment, Environmental Health & Safety, and Solar Power Project Management. She had prepared an Environment Impact Assessment report for the 5 MW Solar project for Technique Solaire in the state of Uttarakhand. She conducts consultations and Interacts with the clients to build relations and to handle issues regarding environmental policy and CDM. She is passionately involved in the Renewables Industry having worked extensively in off-grid solar markets of the rural areas of the country. Her active involvement in operations and finance is a long-standing asset to the organization.

Parveen Syngal (Vice-President - Business Development)
Parveen Syngal is a professional with 38+ years of experience across the verticle of the solar industry. His expertise is in the area of Project management, Client Relationship Management, Human Resource, Material Management with well-known organizations. He posses excellent data analytic skill while evaluating project feasibility, planning, and its execution within the timeline.