Sun Photonics is founded by IIT Delhi and IIT Bombay alumni with the vision of providing affordable solar power in an efficient, sustainable, and socially responsible manner. We started our journey in 2013 and since then we have grown rapidly to become one of the youngest and the fastest-growing companies in the domain of Solar Energy.

Sun Photonics with in-house engineering, procurement, and construction expertise, as well as advanced in-house operations and maintenance capabilities successfully commissioned more than 70 projects totaling 60 MWp (25 MWp Roof Top and 35 MWp Ground Mounted with Single Axis Tracker).

Photon – the fundamental element of light – is the source of all energy including that of the Sun. We at Sun Photonics specialize in harnessing the power of the Photon, the source of all life on our planet. We specialize in residential, commercial, and public sector turnkey solutions for off-grid and grid-connected solar electric systems. We can install solar power plants on almost any roof type as well as on unused land within your premises. We are specialized in rooftop solar power plants for rooftops systems and end-to-end solution providers which are including; Design, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Monitoring, and Maintenance services.

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Sun photonics has successfully completed consultancy services for 5MWs Solar power project in the State of Uttarakhand

Sun Photonics successfully commissioned 200 kW grid connected Solar PV Project.

Sun Photonics successfully installed first three Industrial Net meters under UHBVN.

Sun Photonics provided owners Engineer service for 5 MWp in Uttrakhand state.

Sun Photonics strated installation of 50 kW grid connected roof top project.